Sodium is an element which, atomic number 11, atomic mass 23 amu , and a common oxidation number +1. Sodium is a soft, silvery white, highly reactive element and is a member of the alkali metals. It has only one stable isotope, 23Na. Sodium quickly oxidizes in air and is violently reactive with water, so it must be stored in an inert medium, such as kerosene or mineral oil. Sodium is present in great quantities in the Earth's oceans as sodium chloride (common salt). It is also a component of many minerals, and it is an essential element for animal life. As such, it is classified as a “dietary inorganic macro-mineral.”

Sodium compounds are important to the chemical, glass, metal, paper, petroleum, soap, and textile industries. Hard soaps are generally sodium salt of certain fatty acids (potassium produces softer or liquid soaps).

The sodium compounds that are the most important to industries are common salt (NaCl), soda ash (Na2CO3), baking soda (NaHCO3), caustic soda (NaOH), sodium nitrate (NaNO3), di- and tri-sodium phosphates, sodium thiosulfate.

This information was obtained at Wikipedia. Other resources include:
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Here you can buy sodium in small quantities, or larger at substantial discounts. We have it available by the pound, kg, 5 gallon or 55 gallon drum. When buying in bulk you can choose to have it extruded, fused, lump, molded

Reagent Grade
(100% purity other than the lightest oxidation) which is best for organic chemistry and other projects where purity is of the utmost importance.

Technical Grade (95%+) While in processing if anything happened to disturb the purity, we automatically move it to this section. It is great for High School demonstrations, Biodeseil, Precious Metal recovery. It still retains all the fantastic qualities of pure sodium but should not be used in critical experiments.



Where to Buy
As of 2012, we no longer sell Sodium, all information here is for historical purposes only.

You can get smaller amounts if you find us at the gun shows where we don't have to ship it. The prices get pretty awesome if you buy more than 1 or two containers.
Crossroads Gun Show in Mesa AZ on Feb 28th.
Crossroads Gun Show in Tuscon AZ on Mar 7th.

As of 2012, we no longer sell Sodium, all information here is for historical purposes only.

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8 Oz Container

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Reagent Grade Sodium Metal

Technical Grade Sodium Metal